COTE Top Ten Measures in relation to Texas trip – Studio VII


The Austin City Hall exemplifies design for community. With unique requirements of housing democratic affairs and private working spaces, the project integrates the community into the processes of democracy while providing space for elected officials to do their jobs.



Ecology, Water, Energy:

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center uses passive cooling systems to create comfortable environment and integration into nature. This Pavilion uses open-air, cross ventilation and a “Big Ass Fan.”


The Austin City Hall building utilizes photovoltaic cells for capture solar energy.


The TreeHouse in Dallas is sustainable building and construction products store. They are a model for sustainable building techniques like clerestory windows, energy saving climate control systems, green wall, and rain-water collection.





Climate comfort is important to user wellness, and when sustainability is considered a balance can be found. The Josey Pavilion is an example of passive heating and cooling. They are net-zero in energy consumption because they rely on ventilation and wind to cool the space. Movable ventilation and glass panels make the space malleable to specific weather needs.





Many of the building projects we visited sourced local materials. Professor Butko’s projects in Dallas utilizes locally sourced stone as in the interior to match with and integrate in to existing stone.


The Austin City Hall also uses Texas limestone in an effort to mitigate cost of construction and transportation. Materials that are native to a place also fit better in their context.


The Josie Pavilion used reclaimed sinker logs in the façade and movable panels.





The Josey Pavilion has become a model of sustainability for the industry. They are invested in teaching others what they have learned from their building. All utilities are hooked up to live tracking energy consumption, water usage, solar energy generation, etc.

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