Glass Curtain Wall – Methods VII

Gaylord Hall – Glass Wall

395 W. Lindsey Street
Norman, OK 73019

Constructed 2009

Glass Curtain Wall

•Aluminum Frame
•Vertical & Horizontal Mullions
•11 feet wide
•18 feet tall





A stone veneer base meets the bottom of the glass curtain wall and connects it to the foundation. This acts as an aesthetic cover for the foundation, allowing the glass to meet the level of the interior floor.



Intermediate Floor

The glass wall breaks at the height of the second floor, but does not make contact with the floor plate on the interior. This allows for an expansive, triple height entry, but still reveals the floor plates on the exterior. The bottom of the glass wall meets the floor directly, separated by the mullion.



Roof Structure

The wall spans three stories, but is broken up into three sections with stone veneer creating the breaks. It is broken into sections to minimize the span of the glass. The top section reaches to meet the roof structure, and is separated by only a mullion.




Columns, Breaks, & Mullions







Plan & Section

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